Dim It® Is The Original Light Dimming Sheet for LED Lights That Are Too Bright!

“It’s amazing how much light Dim It blocks out!”

Dim It - The Original Light Dimming Sheet Used To Dim LED Lights That Are Too Bright

Dim It®, the original light dimming sheet, is a simple, yet very effective solution to a common problem… electronic devices with LED lights that are just too bright.

Everyday all kinds of electronic devices with LED lights are becoming a part of our daily lives. Computers, mobile devices, kitchen appliances, vehicle dashboards, digital clocks, and more. Many of these devices have LED lights that are too bright and the brightness isn’t always able to be adjusted.

Dim It® easily solves this problem. Each package of Dim It® includes two light dimming sheets. These sheets can be easily cut and trimmed to be any shape you need to fit over your devices LED lights. Instantly, the excessive brightness is reduced to a more comfortable level. Plus, Dim It’s® light dimming sheets can be layered to further increase the dimming effect as needed. An added benefit of using Dim It® is that it adheres to surfaces via static cling. Thus, there’s no messy adhesive and Dim It® can be easily removed, re-positioned, and reused as many times as needed!

Currently, Dim It® is available for purchase through Amazon.com. Clicking the Buy Now link above will take you to the Dim It® page on Amazon’s website. Also, to read reviews from past customers, clicking on the Reviews link above will take you to Dim It’s® Amazon reviews section.

Thanks for stopping by Dim It’s® website. Below you’ll find several before and after photos of Dim It® in action. To contact us, please use the contact form near the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear from you!

"Dim It can be layered for complete light blocking."

"Dim It Light Dimming Sheets are thin, low-profile and adhere nicely."

"Dim It can be trimmed down to any custom size you need!"

"Dim It Light Dimming Sheets... they just work!"

"Easily removable, Dim It can be re-positioned in a snap."

"It's amazing how much light Dim It blocks out."

"Love for Dim It is not too strong of a sentiment!"

"So glad we bought Dim It Light Dimming Sheets!"

Dim It® Before and After Photos

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Before Dim It
After with Dim It Applied
  1. dimit-04-before
  2. dimit-04-after

It was difficult to sleep thru the night with this digital alarm clock’s display being so bright.  A Dim It® light sheet was quickly applied, the excessive brightness was denied, and we said goodbye to sleepless nights!  Thank you Dim It®.

Before Dim It
After with Dim It Applied
  1. dimit-06-before
  2. dimit-06-after

This digital thermostat was way too bright. With a Dim It® light dimming sheet applied, it’s display is not only dimmer, but now it’s even easier to read.  Thank you Dim It®!

Before Dim It
After with Dim It Applied
  1. dimit-05-before
  2. dimit-05-after

Dim It’s® light dimming sheet easily tamed this battery charger’s light from acting like a homing beacon for ships at sea. Battery charger plugged in before going to bed… check.  Freshly charged  batteries in the morning… check.  A good night’s sleep uninterrupted…check.  Thank you Dim It®!

Before Dim It
After with Dim It Applied
  1. dimit-03-before
  2. dimit-03-after

This carbon monoxide detector had a display that was too bright.  But with a Dim It light dimming sheet, all is just right.  Thank you Dim It®.

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